Thomas Kjer Olsen finishes in fourth in the Grand Prix of Lommel

Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing’s Thomas Kjer Olsen has finished in a strong fourth place overall at the round 15 of the MX2 World Championship, just two points adrift of the podium. Racing at the MXGP of Lommel, an opening-moto fifth was improved upon with an impressive ride to third in race two. MX2 teammate Jed Beaton again had a consistent GP at the sandy Belgian circuit, placing eighth overall following 7-8 result.

Round 15 of the FIM Motocross World Championship marked the third and last MXGP round to be held at Lommel. A slightly revised track layout was made all the more difficult following heavy overnight rain.

Thomas Kjer Olsen was undeterred by the conditions, fully intent on ending the trio of visits to the Lommel venue on a positive note. A strong start in race one saw the Dane go on to maintain seventh position until 10 minutes to go, finding his flow as the race wore on and moving ahead of Conrad Mewse for sixth. Continuing his charge, TKO made a pass for fifth with three laps to go, holding the position to the finish and setting himself up for a strong overall result.

Race two saw Kjer Olsen involved in a frantic battle during the opening laps before settling into fourth as the moto reached half distance. Under relentless pressure from eventual overall winner Ben Watson, the FC 250 rider then broke free from an attack from behind, reeling in Tom Vialle over the next few laps. Making a pass on the championship leader for third place on lap 10, TKO went on to finish third and place fourth overall. Just two points away from another visit to the podium, he pulls himself to within 10 points of fourth place in the MX2 championship standings.

Jed Beaton had a consistent day at the MXGP of Lommel. Not getting the best jump from the start in race one, the Australian sat just outside the top 10 before moving up to ninth five laps later. As the race entered its second half, he moved into eighth and continued to push forwards. Making the pass for seventh on lap 13, Jed then chased Roan Van De Moosdijk to the chequered flag to end his race in seventh.

Moto two saw a much better start for the FC 250 rider. Moving into ninth early in the race, Jed progressed into seventh at the halfway stage of the race as he found his rhythm around the demanding Lommel track. Losing just one position as the moto neared the end, he finished eighth and claimed eighth overall. With three rounds to go, Beaton maintains his fourth-place ranking in the MX2 World Championship.

Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing return to FIM Motocross World Championship competition on November 1 for the MXGP of Trentino, taking place at the Pietramurata circuit in northern Italy.

Thomas Kjer Olsen: “A positive day for me and a good end to the week after a couple of challenging rounds at Lommel. The changes made to the track made it flow better for me and with the team we made some changes to the bike, which made me really comfortable out there. I was able to battle today and I’m happy with my result, so it’s been a good GP for me. Thanks to the team for the work they’ve put in this week and we go to Italy next weekend aiming for the podium.”

Jed Beaton: “A disappointing day today. Not my greatest day of racing but I’m healthy, which is important with three rounds to go. I found my flow in both races but not until towards the end, which was frustrating. By then there was a big gap ahead of me in each race. Overall, I felt like my riding was good, it just took me a little while to get going. Looking forward to some hardpack next weekend in Italy.”

Overall Grand Prix MX2 Lommel:
1 Ben Watson 43 Pnt
2 Roan van de Moosdijk 40 Pnt
3 Maxime Renaux 38 Pnt
4 Thomas Kjer Olsen 36 Pnt
8 Jed Beaton 27 Pnt

World Championship Standings MX2:
1 Tom Vialle 651 Pnt
2 Jago Geerts 577 Pnt
3 Maxime Renaux 476 Pnt
4 Jed Beaton 456 Pnt
5 Thomas Kjer Olsen 446 Pnt

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Thomas Kjer Olsen seventh in the Grand Prix MX2 of Limburg

Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing’s Thomas Kjer Olsen has finished seventh overall at a challenging MXGP of Limburg, round 14 of the MX2 World Championship. Racing at Lommel for the second of three visits to the Belgian circuit, an opening race seventh for Thomas was bettered in moto two with a sixth-place finish. MX2 teammate Jed Beaton placed ninth overall after overcoming a high-speed crash in race one to finish in 10th, a result he matched in race two.

Thomas Kjer Olsen started the opening MX2 moto of the day in a strong position. Challenging for third place, when just half a lap into the moto, his race quickly unravelled when he clipped the edge of a bump, which pitched him off of his FC 250 machine. Remounting quickly, but down in 20th position, a race-long charge ensued, which saw him reach the top 10 on lap five before going on to claim seventh at the finish.

Race two was a long battle for Kjer Olsen as he challenged for position well inside the top 10, advancing from eighth to sixth by the halfway stage. Giving his best, he was unable to make an impression on the top five and finished just a couple of seconds behind Isak Gifting in fifth. Despite not quite getting to grips with the shifting sands of the Lommel circuit, Thomas’s seventh overall pulls him within reach of fourth in the MX2 World Championship standings.

Jed Beaton was lucky to escape unscathed following a high-speed start straight crash in the opening MX2 moto. Re-joining the race, he caught up to the pack on lap three before charging past no less than eight riders as he moved into 19th position. Beaton’s spirited ride concluded with the Australian making the pass into 10th on the penultimate lap. Holding strong, he ended the moto just four seconds behind the eighth-place rider.

In the second moto, Beaton emerged fourth from the first turn before frustratingly catching the bank on the inside of the third turn, which resulted in him falling. Quick to remount he ended the opening lap in 12th place. Feeling the effects of his race one crash and his subsequent exhausting battle through the field, Beaton progressed to 10th to claim ninth overall.

Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing return to the Lommel circuit for the third and final time on October 25, for round 15 of the FIM Motocross World Championship, the MXGP of Lommel.

Thomas Kjer Olsen: “A disappointing day. I just wasn’t quite on the pace today so it’s a little frustrating as I had high hopes coming into this race. I was fighting the track a lot, using up a lot of energy and it just wasn’t my day today. I still gave it everything I had but that’s just the way it goes sometimes.”

Jed Beaton: “Not good. I had a big crash going down the start straight in race one. It was a bit of a chain reaction and I didn’t see it coming so that was a big one. Something hit my arm pretty hard because it was numb for a little bit. Feeling started to come back as I got going and I then put my head down. Getting run over before two motos around Lommel isn’t the one but we’re back for more on Sunday so I’m hoping to end this week on a positive note.”

Overall Grand Prix MX2 Lommel:
1 Tom Vialle 47 Pnt
2 Ben Watson 42 Pnt
3 Jago Geerts 39 Pnt
7 Thomas Kjer Olsen 29 Pnt
9 Jed Beaton 22 Pnt

World Championship Standings MX2:
1 Tom Vialle 616 Pnt
2 Jago Geerts 555 Pnt
3 Maxime Renaux 438 Pnt
4 Jed Beaton 429 Pnt
5 Thomas Kjer Olsen 410 Pnt

Injury For Kay De Wolf During Final EMX250 Round At Lommel

Kay de Wolf of Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing was not able to line up for the final round of the EMX250 European Championship series at Lommel in Belgium. De Wolf had a crash after colliding with another rider during qualifying, and was unable to continue due to injury.

After his strong showing on Saturday, De Wolf was fully motivated to round out his European Championship career on a high note. He was in the middle of a quick qualifying lap when he collided with another rider after a jump. He was first examined at the on-track medical unit, and then transported to hospital, where a broken nose and concussion were diagnosed.

De Wolf was not able to defent his third place in the championship standings, and unfortunately was demoted to fourth in the final standings. He will take some enforced rest, and then prepare himself fully for the 2021 season.

Final EMX250 Championship Standings:
1 Thibault Benistant 423 Pnt
2 Mattia Guadagnini 377 Pnt
3 Hakon Fredriksen 293 Pnt
4 Kay de Wolf 272 Pnt
5 Jorgen Matthias Talviku 269 Pnt

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Thomas Kjer Olsen fifth in Grand Prix MX2 of Flanders

Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing’s Thomas Kjer Olsen has placed fifth overall in the MX2 class at round 13 of the 2020 FIM Motocross World Championship. Racing at Lommel, the MXGP of Flanders, the Dane scored a fifth-place finish in the opening moto before claiming a strong fourth in race two. Kjer Olsen’s MX2 teammate Jed Beaton put together two consistent results, claiming seventh in both races for seventh overall.

Thomas Kjer Olsen arrived in Lommel in confident form following four consecutive MX2 overall podium finishes in recent GPs. No stranger to the infamously deep sand of the Belgian circuit, TKO battled with the track in the opening moto as he fought to find a comfortable rhythm. Despite this, he held a strong fourth position for much of the race before being passed with three laps to go and finished in fifth place.

Race two was much more enjoyable for Kjer Olsen. Running third until the halfway stage of the moto, he dropped just one position and slipped back to fourth. Quickly regrouping, he latched on to the rider ahead of him and rode well on the ever-changing track surface to finish fourth. TKO placed fifth overall and is optimistic of better results at the next two Grands Prix set to take place at Lommel.

Jed Beaton enjoyed his racing at the MXGP of Flanders. Not making the best of starts in race one, the Australian placed just inside the top 10 and maintained his position during the early stages of the moto. Finding his flow 20 minutes into the race, he pushed hard and advanced forwards to finish seventh.

A calculated ride in the second moto saw Beaton again claim a seventh-place finish. Well aware of how brutal the track was, and with two more rounds of the MX2 World Championship set to take place at Lommel in the coming days, he avoided unnecessary risks and claimed seventh overall on the day.

Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing return to FIM Motocross World Championship competition on October 21, for the second of three visits to take place at the Lommel circuit.

Thomas Kjer Olsen: “The track was so rough today. I practice here a lot but it’s nothing like it is for a GP. It’s the same for everyone and I actually think it made for better racing as you had to be precise and really think about your lines. I leave here with a good feeling for the next two rounds and I’m positive for better results. For sure the track will be difficult and super-rough, but I feel good and race two was good, I was able to play on the bike with the bumps and had fun out there.”

Jed Beaton: “Not the greatest day but we’re here for two more rounds so it’s a solid start to the week. My starts weren’t great in both races, which didn’t help but we’ll be better on Wednesday. It took me a while to get going in race one, by around 20 minutes into the race I found my flow and felt really good, but it was too late to move forwards. Race two I felt good from the start and rode a smart race. I know what to expect for the next two, so we’ll be ready for them and I look forward to Wednesday.”

Overall Grand Prix MX2 Lommel:
1 Tom Vialle 44 Pnt
2 Jago Geerts 43 Pnt
3 Ben Watson 41 Pnt
4 Maxime Renaux 35 Pnt
5 Thomas Kjer Olsen 34 Pnt
7 Jed Beaton 28 Pnt

World Championship Standings MX2:
1 Tom Vialle 569 Pnt
2 Jago Geerts 516 Pnt
3 Maxime Renaux 407 Pnt
4 Jed Beaton 407 Pnt
5 Thomas Kjer Olsen 381 Pnt

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Kay De Wolf Narrowly Misses EMX250 Podium At Lommel

Kay de Wolf of Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing narrowly missed the overall podium during the penultimate round of the EMX250 motocross European championships at Lommel. De Wolf recovered from a crash in race one to finish fifth, and in the second race he overcame initial stiffness to finish third, after having worked his way up to second at one stage.

The track at Lommel had been slightly changed from that which the riders are familiar with, and this suited Kay. This was also reflected in his qualifying time, with the pole position standing next to his name.

Kay launched well in the first race, but a crash in the opening lap left him with a lot of work to do. He fought for all his worth, and managed to work his way up to fifth on this very rough track. Another good start in race two looped promising, but Kay had some trouble finding his rhythm initially. He dropped a few spots, but relaunched his challenge, and started moving forward again. He went as high as second, but a small crash cost him a spot, and he crossed the line in third position.

“I crashed in both races, unfortunately,” Kay commented. “In the first race it was difficult to move forward, but I still managed to finish fifth. In the second race, it really started to flow after a few laps, and I went up to second. Alas, another crash cost me a spot and I did not have enough time to fight for the pass again. This cost me an overall podium spot, but I would say I’ve learned a lot from the day, and we will try again on Tuesday.”

Kay was fourth overall for the day, and maintains his third spot in the championship standings. The final round of the series will take place at the same track on Tuesday.

Overall EMX250 Lommel:
1 Thibault Benistant 50 Pnt
2 Mattia Guadagnini 44 Pnt
3 Hakon Fredriksen 38 Pnt
4 Kay de Wolf 36 Pnt
5 Jorgen Matthias Talviku 34 Pnt

EMX250 Championship Standings:
1 Thibault Benistant 376 Pnt
2 Mattia Guadagnini 352 Pnt
3 Kay de Wolf 272 Pnt
4 Hakon Fredriksen 253 Pnt
5 Jorgen Matthias Talviku 235 Pnt

Thomas Kjer Olsen Bags Another MX2 Podium At Spanish GP

Thomas Kjer Olsen of Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing collected his fourth podium in a row at the Grand Prix MX2 of Spain. Olsen was third overall with second – and seventh in the heats respectively. Jed Beaton also had a strong outing with third and tenth in the races for sixth overall.

The new track at Arroyomolinos was tricky during qualifying. The recently-watered track combined with high speed would punish any mistake severely. The two teammates did well during qualifying, with Beaton finishing fifth and Olsen sixth.

Both riders got away with the leading group in race one. Beaton was in second place initially with Olsen right behind him, and together they kept the pressure on the race leader. Beaton moved into the lead halfway through the race, but lost this again soon thereafter. Olsen was intent on going for the win, and passed his teammate late in the race. He managed to close in on the race leader, but could not launch an attack, eventually finishing second, just ahead of Beaton.

Both riders had more work to do in the second race after indifferent starts. Olsen battled to get into his groove, but in the second half of the race moved closer to the battle for fifth. He tried to pass the two riders ahead of him, but he wasn’t able to make a pass stick, and he finished seventh. Beaton crashed heavily after colliding with another rider at the start. He pushed for all his worth to work his way through the field, and eventually finished tenth. He was ill after the race, and actually threw op. This is an indication of the severity of the crash that he was involved in.

Olsen was third overall and Beaton sixth. Beaton is still third in the world standings with Olsen closing in on the riders ahead of him from his fifth place. The GP circus moves to Lommel in Belgium next for a triple header Grand Prix.

Overall Grand Prix MX2 Spain:
1 Tom Vialle 47 Pnt
2 Jago Geerts 41 Pnt
3 Thomas Kjer Olsen 36 Pnt
4 Roan van de Moosdijk 33 Pnt
5 Maxime Renaux 31 Pnt
6 Jed Beaton 31 Pnt

World Championship Standings MX2:
1 Tom Vialle 525 Pnt
2 Jago Geerts 473 Pnt
3 Jed Beaton 379 Pnt
4 Maxime Renaux 372 Pnt
5 Thomas Kjer Olsen 347 Pnt

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EMX250 Podium for Kay De Wolf In Spain

Kay de Wolf of Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing scored a podium finish during the EMX250 motocross European Championship round at Arroyomolino in Spain. De Wolf rode strongly, and with second – and fifth in the heats respectively, he secured the overall podium with third for the day. This is De Wolf’s second overall podium finish in the series this season.

The newly-built track at Arroyomolino offered many technical challenges with big jumps. Kay started his day on a positive note by securing the third gate during qualifying. A good start in the opening race launched him away with the leaders. He quickly moved into second position, and managed to hold onto the spot until the fall of the flag.

Another good start in the second race vaulted Kay into third position. This time he had the attentions of a group of fast riders, and he quickly lost third position. He held his own in fourth for a long while until Thibault Benistant passed him near the very end, dropping him to fifth.

De Wolf was third overall for the day. This has cemented his third position in the championship standings further and he is 21 points ahead of the fourth placed rider. The series continues next weekend at Lommel in Belgium.

Overall EMX250 Spain:
1 Mattia Guadagnini 50 Pnt
2 Thibault Benistant 40 Pnt
3 Kay de Wolf 38 Pnt
4 Lorenzo Lucorcio 37 Pnt
5 Gianluca Facchetti 36 Pnt

EMX250 Championship Standings:
1 Thibault Benistant 326 Pnt
2 Mattia Guadagnini 308 Pnt
3 Kay de Wolf 236 Pnt
4 Hakon Fredriksen 215 Pnt
5 Tim Edberg 201 Pnt



Husqvarna Motorcycles is pleased to announce the signings of Kay de Wolf and Maxime Grau for the 2021 and 2022 seasons. Continuing with the Nestaan MX run Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing MX2 team following two positive years together, de Wolf will make the transition from the EMX250 class up into the ultra-competitive MX2 World Championship while Grau will line up for his first season of EMX250 competition. Both talented youngsters will race on FC 250 machinery.

In what will be his third year of racing with Husqvarna Motorcycles, Kay de Wolf will make the sizeable step up to the MX2 class for 2021. Racing to a strong sixth overall in the 2019 EMX125 series on a TC 125, the 16-year-old progressed to the EMX250 class for 2020 where he currently holds third position in the championship standings. Claiming second overall at the latest round of the series, the Dutch racer underlined his talents as he progresses through the classes.

Maxime Grau

Stepping in to fill the seat vacated by de Wolf, Maxime Grau joins the Nestaan MX run Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing MX2 team for 2021 in what will be his debut season of EMX250 competition. Set to compete aboard FC 250 machinery, the 14-year-old French rider aims to establish himself as a top-10 contender as the season progresses. Currently second in the Championnats De France Junior series, Grau will receive the required equipment and support needed to compete at the sharp end of the EMX250 championship in 2021.

Armed with the proven FC 250 for the next two years, both Kay and Maxime will soon embark on winter testing in preparation for 2021 and the exciting new challenges that lie ahead.

Kay De Wolf: “It’s amazing. I’ve had a great two years with the team already and signing for two more, and moving into the MX2 class with them, is a great feeling. I’ve been with them for EMX125 and at the moment EMX250, so staying with the same team as I move up to MX2 means I can fully focus on my racing. It’s just unbelievable and a dream come true for me. Knowing that the team believes in me gives me confidence and I hope to repay them with great results over the next two seasons.”

Maxime Grau: “I am delighted about this new chapter in my young career. I now have a clear plan for the years to come with Husqvarna Motorcycles. This is definitely the best opportunity to make the next step up in the professional motocross world. I will work hard, and I am extremely motivated to achieve great performances. I would like to thank all the people who have made this project possible, particularly TECH32 for their unconditional support during the past years. I can’t wait to move to Belgium and start working with Rasmus and the whole team. I will give my best and we will see what the future holds.”

Rasmus Jorgensen – Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing MX2 Team Manager: “We’re super-excited with our new signings, Kay and Maxime. With Kay it’s more of an extension as he’s been with us for two seasons already. We have a huge belief in him, so we have signed him for two more years and look forward to continuing to work together as he moves up into MX2. Obviously, he is really young, he’ll only be 16 next season. Year one in MX2 will be a learning year without any huge expectations. We just want to see him have a strong year, improve and for him to experience what it takes to be up front in the MX2 class for the following season. For now, with Kay, we focus on the EMX250 series, but we are already looking forward to 2021. Maxime Grau is a young and talented rider that we welcome to the team. It will be his first-year racing on a 4-stroke, so again, it will be a learning year for him. He is only 14 years old, but we believe in him and know that he will be competitive next year as he develops as a rider. As a team we look ahead to a solid winter of training and look forward to a great 2021 season.”

Thomas Kjer Olsen third overall at MXGP of Europe

Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing’s Thomas Kjer Olsen has raced to another overall MX2 class podium result, this time at the MXGP of Europe, round 11 of the 2020 FIM Motocross World Championship. Claiming two fourth-place finishes at Mantova today, the Dane was rewarded with a strong third overall, marking a positive end to his trio of visits to the Mantova venue. Kjer Olsen’s MX2 teammate Jed Beaton also performed well, racing to a strong 5-5 result for sixth overall and moving into third in the MX2 championship standings.

With momentum on his side following two overall wins during the week prior to the MXGP of Europe, Thomas Kjer Olsen has made it three consecutive podium visits in as many attempts. A strong, top-10 start in race one saw TKO let the early race chaos settle before charging forwards and into fifth place at the halfway stage of the moto. Moving into fourth on lap nine while making the most of a clear track ahead of him and recording his fastest laps of the race, the FC 250 rider was unable to make an impression on the top three and claimed fourth in the opening moto of the day.

Olsen then made a good start to race two. Attacking the track in a similar fashion to the previous GPs, he challenged Roan Van De Moosdijk for fourth place from the opening lap until well into the second half of the moto. Making the crucial pass on lap 12 of 17 and racing on to another fourth-place finish, TKO claimed third overall, with his podium result elevating him to fifth in the MX2 World Championship.

Two fifth-place finishes saw Jed Beaton maintain his recent run of consistent form while also slightly improving upon his 6-6 results from the previous round of the series. A great start translated into racing in a strong fourth place in moto one before losing one position to his teammate Kjer Olsen on lap eight. Undeterred, he was able to chase TKO home for a solid fifth-place finish.

Beaton’s second moto saw him chase his teammate around the sandy Mantova circuit, just as he had in moto one, while holding down fifth. Posting lap times similar to the riders in front of him, the Australian was frustratingly unable to advance forwards and raced to another fifth-place finish. In doing so, Jed claimed sixth overall and reclaimed third overall in the MX2 World Championship standings.

Racing in the EMX250 class, Kay de Wolf had a difficult day at the championship’s third and final visit to the Mantova circuit. An 11th place overall finish didn’t show what the youngster is capable of, yet he holds onto his third place in the series standings with three rounds to go.

Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing return to FIM Motocross World Championship competition for round 12 on October 11, the MXGP of Spain.

Thomas Kjer Olsen: “I’m really happy with my performance this week. Two overall wins and then a third overall today, I’m really happy with my week in Italy. Today wasn’t the best result after winning the last two rounds but I tried my best and my riding was good. It’s such a good feeling to be on the podium again and I’m looking forward to Spain next weekend.”


Jed Beaton: “Today wasn’t quite what I was looking for. I know I had the speed but just wasn’t able to get among the top guys. It certainly wasn’t the worst day but wasn’t the best either. I’m now back in third in the standings so I just need to work on starts, get up front early and try to get some more wins to finish the season off strong.”

Overall Grand Prix MX2 Mantova:
1 Jago Geerts 47 Pnt
2 Tom Vialle 47 Pnt
3 Thomas Kjer Olsen 36 Pnt
4 Ben Watson 35 Pnt
5 Conrad Mewse 35 Pnt
6 Jed Beaton 32 Pnt

World Championship Standings MX2:
1 Tom Vialle 478 Pnt
2 Jago Geerts 432 Pnt
3 Jed Beaton 348 Pnt
4 Maxime Renaux 341 Pnt
5 Thomas Kjer Olsen 311 Pnt

Kay De Wolf Makes The Best Of A Difficult EMX250 Round At Mantova

Kay de Wolf of Rockstar Energy Factory Husqvarana Racing had a troubled outing during the EMX250 round at Mantova. De Wolf was quick, but crashes and mediocre starts kept him to 16th and 9th in the races respectively.

Heavy rain and stormy weather turned the track into a muddy bog in the morning. The sun made an appearance, drying the track, but a lot of deep ruts were the result. Kay found a good rhythm and clinched pole position for the races.

Kay could not convert his favourable gate pick into a good start in race one. He had to work his way forward from the rear ranks, but two crashes did a lot to hamper his progress. He was stuck in 19th place for a while, but a final spurt yielded him three more spots and he finished 16th. He was not satisfied with this and determined to do better.

A better start in race two yielded prospect, but another crash in lap one dropped him to 25th. He had lots of work to do, and made the best of cutting through the field. He kept up the pace and managed to get to ninth by the time the flag fell.

Team manager Rasmus Jorgensen commented: “It was a difficult day for Kay, and he also had some bad luck that involved other riders. He also made too many mistakes himself and had some unnecessary crashes. He is still third in the championship standings, and we are hoping for a better outing in Spain next weekend.”

With 16th and 9th in the races, Kay was 11th overall, enough to keep him in third spot on the championship ladder. The series continues next weekend in Madrid, Spain.

Overall EMX250 Mantova:
1 Mattia Guadagnini 50 Pnt
2 Jorgen Matthias Talviku 36 Pnt
3 Hakon Fredriksen 36 Pnt
4 Thibault Benistant 35 Pnt
5 Marcel Conijn 33 Pnt
11 Kay de Wolf 17 Pnt

EMX250 Championship Standings:
1 Thibault Benistant 286 Pnt
2 Mattia Guadagnini 258 Pnt
3 Kay de Wolf 198 Pnt
4 Hakon Fredriksen 188 Pnt
5 Jorgen Matthias Talviku 180 Pnt