Rockstar Energy Factory Husqvarna Racing Make The Best of A Tough Day At Latvian GP

The Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing team had a difficult outing at the Latvian Grand Prix in Kegums, Latvia. Despite this, both riders gave it their all, and Jed Beaton maintained his third position in the world standings, whilst Thomas Kjer Olsen climbed up to sixth.

A major setback struck the team in the week leading up to the GP. Thomas Kjer Olsen crashed during a training session, and broke his shoulder blade, added to a painful neck and back. Olsen was determined to participate if it all was possible, though. He gritted through time training with 17th time on the clock being the result. 

The first heat yielded early trouble for teammate Jed Beaton, who crashed just after the start and had to play catch up. Yet another crash during the heat lost him more time, and he had to fight hard to return from outside the top 20 to 15th. In the second race, he was in the thick of things, and fought hard for sixth place.

Thomas Kjer Olsen had to bit through the pain. He was as high as sixth place, but had to drop back due to the pain, and eventually finished 11th. In the second heat, he proved his grit, forcing his way from a an initial placement outside the top 20 to ninth. 

Thomas was eighth overall for the day, one ahead of teammate Jed. Jed is currently third in the world standings and Thomas is sixth. The next round of the series is already this coming Wednesday at the same track.

Overall Grand Prix MX2 Latvia:
1 Tom Vialle 47 Pnt
2 Roan van de Moosdijk 40 Pnt
3 Mathys Boisrame 38 Pnt
4 Ruben Fernandez 34 Pnt
5 Ben Watson 31 Pnt
8 Thomas Kjer Olsen 22 Pnt
9 Jed Beaton 21 Pnt

World Championship Standings MX2:
1 Tom Vialle 134 Pnt
2 Jago Geerts 112 Pnt
3 Jed Beaton 95 Pnt
4 Maxime Renaux 86 Pnt
5 Ben Watson 79 Pnt
6 Thomas Kjer Olsen 73 Pnt

Kay de Wolf Rises to Fifth in the EMX250 Championship Standings

Kay de Wolf of Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Racing has risen to fifth in the EMX250 motocross European championship standings. De Wolf had steady scores at the first of a trio of outings at Kegums in Latvia, and with seventh – and fifth in the races respectively, he had done enough to climb from eighth for fifth in the championship standings. 

De Wolf felt confident when he arrived at Kegums, and he made it apparent, posting the fastest time in both the free training – and qualifying sessions. Despite his good gate pick, he got away poorly in race one and had to work his way forward.  He quickly made his way into the top ten, but a mistake dropped him all the way down to 20th, with all the work to do again. He resumed the battle, and gave it his best, managing to claw his way up to eighth.  One rider ahead of him got a time penalty, though, which moved him up to seventh. 

The first race was an energy-sapping affair, but Kay was ready for the second. A better, but not ideal start launched him into proceedings just outside of the top ten.  He came up to fifth, but a mistake cost him two positions again,  He recovered well, and reclaimed the two lost spots. 

Kay de Wolf: ‘’It was a solid day today. I was the fastest in my group in both the free and time practice session. Unfortunately I had a poor start in both motos and crashed in both motos as well. In the first moto I had to fight myself back from 29th position and finished in seventh. In the second moto I came back from outside of the top ten to finish fifth after a small crash. It was a though day but I have learned a lot. Now I’ll focus myself on the next round on Tuesday.’’

The Eersel-based rider was sixth overall for the day. His points haul was enough for him to move up to fifth in the championship standings. The EMX250 series resumes on Tuesday at the same track.

Overall EMX250 Latvia:
1 Thibault Benistant 47 Pnt
2 Mattia Guadagnini 41 Pnt
3 Isak Gifting 40 Pnt
4 Jorgen Matthias Talviku 38 Pnt
5 Tim Edberg 33 Pnt
6 Kay de Wolf 30 Pnt

EMX 250 Championship Standings:
1 Thibault Benistant 79 Pnt
2 Isak Gifting 74 Pnt
3 Mattia Guadagnini Pnt
4 Jorgen Matthias Talviku 61 Pnt
5 Kay de Wolf 58 Pnt